What We Do

The students at Fairfield Intermediate investigate different methods of creating original fabric "blocks"
Each "block" has a learning experience.
The first "block" is a textured one we call" faux chenille"
This block teaches students to sew straight lines and to use the outside of the presser foot as a guide.

9 Patch Block

The second block made is a 9 patch block to teach students how to sew seams, back stitch and match seams. As many students make a quilt as a major project, this also shows them the technique used to join the quilt front.

Applique Block

This is my favourite block the students make. The creativity of some students never ceases to amaze me and the care in detail shows the skills they have learnt and the enthusiasm they have working with fabrics.

Student Creations

Once a set of Fabric Blocks have been completed students design an item to showcase their skills. Many make dice and cushions rather than a quilt,they decide what the outcome will be.

Student Showcases

Student Showcases
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